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Megan Young, May Inamin Tungkol Sa Kanyang Tunay Na Kalusugan Na Talagang Hindi Inasahan Ng Publiko

Actress and former beauty queen Megan Young pens herself a long message as she says goodbye to her “perfect body.”

In Instagram, the actress talked about her sacrifices and struggles just to keep her figure for years, and how she decided she had enough.

photo of instagram

According to Megan, during those days where she is praised with her curves and abs, she was not happy.

“This photo is a reminder that I probably achieved my “summer body goals” back then, but the journey to get there was tough because of dieting and long hours at the gym.

“Hindi ako masaya sa food ko noon – ang konti at halos walang lasa.”

The former Mis World titleholder declares that from now on, she will not restrict her self on eating whatever she wants, but will also have a huge change on her lifestyle.

From eating lesser, she vows to eat healthier.

photo of instagram

“Nowadays, I’m not aiming for the “perfect body,” but I’m aiming to have a healthier one.

“I’m eating better – may lasa na ang food, and we’re eating mostly pescatarian (with the weekly burger).”

She continued, “I’m listening to my body more and resting when I need to. And at the end of the day, I try not to be too hard on myself.”

In 2017, Megan achieved a 23 inch waistline with a hardcore diet and work out.

“I’m trying to make new good habits:
1) wake up at 5:30am everyday
2) workout at 7am

photo of instagram

A lot of people ask me what keeps me fit and pilates is one of them. I do pilates at least 3 times a week, in between my other workouts. Mikael joined me for my 7am class today! Happy Sunday everyone ☀️ sending good vibes to all of you 💕 #trainlikemegan” she wrote in Instagram.

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