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Dating Sikat Na Batikang Aktor Ginulat Ang Publiko Sa Kanyang Biglaang Pagkawala

Former sexy actor Allyson VIII, or John Allyson Vll Gonzales in real life recently passed away due to heart attack.

He was discovered by the late director Maryo J. de los Reyes.

Her acting career began in 1997.

Some of the films Allyson made when she was still active in showbiz were Computer Kombat (1997), Sa Paraiso Ni Efren (1999), Gusto Ko Nang Lumigaya (2000), Live Show (2000), and Magnifico (2003).

He is also known as a member of Maryo Bros., the name of Maryo’s male talents who also include Yul Servo, Poppo Lontoc, Jun Palatao, Emilio Malvar, Daniel Figueroa (RIP), and Robert Aviles (who changed his screen name, Winston Elizalde, when he became the contract star of Seiko Films).


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He also won a Gawad Urian award for his exceptional performance in Sa Paraiso ni Efren in 2000.

In an interview with his wife, Josh, her husband has always been a family man, especially after he turned his back in showbiz.

“His last movie was Magnifico because he wanted to quit showbiz and concentrate on our family. He was a very good family man.

“We have a couple of businesses. He aided me in my mom’s transportation business, we also have a kennel of small breed dogs and he has a series of apartments in Sta. Mesa, Manila.”

Added her, “We have two daughters.

“Allyson Nicole, she is sixteen years old and a singer. She’s a member of PnY, a girl group. Kinanta po nila ang remake ng ‘Mr. Kupido’ at manager nila si Vehnee Saturno and wife Ladine Roxas.

“Our another daughter, Hailey, passed away at the age of one and a half due to congenital heart problem.


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“Hindi na po naka-move on si Allyson nang mamatay si Hailey noong 2018. Parati po niyang kinakausap ang picture ni Hailey na kamukhang-kamukha niya.

“But he concentrated on Allyson Nicole since she also entered showbiz. He was the one who would fix her up especially her hair.

“He was such a devoted father and husband.”

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