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Anak Ni Kris Aquino Na Si Bimby Pinakilig Ang Publiko Matapos Niyang Bigyan Ng Regalo Ang Isang Sikat Na Aktes

Miles Ocampo receives love and gifts from her “nanay” Kris Aquino and Bimby.

In Instagram, Kris express her affection towards the 24 year old actress.

Miles has been a sister figure to Bimby for years already, that is why the Queen of All Media herself cherish her like her own kid.

photo of instagram

“We love her, and I said this. I think I’m allowed to read this. Ito ‘yung birthday message ko sa kanya. This is my birthday message last night: Ate, I’m about to sleep so hindi aabot sa midnight. When you became my daughter in our teleserye, little did I know that after eight years, in real life you really would be someone I considered as my daughter. You bring so much love and appreciation into my life and Bimb’s life. You remind us to be grateful. You show me that I have so much more love in my heart to give. You made me happy to take care of you because you express to all of us how thankful you are, and never we felt that you abused our generosity. For the rest of your life, you are MCA, Miles Cojuangco-Aquino. I love you, ate. Never doubt that. Through it all we are already family. We love you. Happy 24th birthday,” said Kris.

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She then shares her wish for the actress, and that is not to be a mom at a young age.

“I just have one… dapat lumabas ‘to in its entirety. Twenty-four naging nanay ako. Utang na loob ‘wag mo ‘kong gayahin. Please,” Kris told Ocampo, who immediately replied: “Yes po, nanay.”

“Mag-aral. Kasi lahat po ng videos that we put out doon sa interview with Bimb, she edited that. And so she really has an eye, so I feel that it will start with editing and I know that she could become one of the really good director.”

photo of instagram

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