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Sikat Na Ka-Loveteam Noon Ni Kathryn Bernardo Viral Matapos Pinakilala Ang Napaka Gandang Girlfriend Sa Publiko

After his former partner, AC Banzon’s revelation about third party last February, Kristoffer Martin is now becoming more braver about his new relationship with his Babawiin Ko Ang Lahat co-star Liezel Lopez.

During his guesting in ‘The Boobay and Tekla Show’, he quickly admitted that he and Liezel are now in a relationship.

He said, “Yes, and that’s what I’m doing now, we are now; we are fighting. ”

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The actor has also finally responded to the spreading news that he was a cheater.

“For me, everyone is entitled to their opinion. So I have finished what should be finished and we are moving forward. It’s fixed. ”

In the same segment, Kristoffer also delivered a message for her four year old daughter, Pre.

“Hi Pre! I always tell you that. Daddy misses you everyday. It’s just messy now and you know I love you so much. Even if this is the situation, always know that I will still be with you when you grow up. I will never leave you. Daddy loves you so much. ”

AC BANZON: “..he had someone else during his lock-in taping.”

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In an interview with AC last February, he revealed that before the taping of Babawiin Ko Ang Lahat last November 2020, he and Kristoffer were still in good terms.

But after the lock-in shooting of the show, the actor suddenly asked for a break up, with an excuse of “pagod na ako.”

“If you are asking po if he admitted, yes po. But after the breakup na po.

“I mean, mga more than a week after [the breakup].” he said.

As of the moment, she and Kristoffer are not yet civil with each other.

“Right now, we’re not on speaking terms.

“In terms of co-parenting, we haven’t really discussed it po.”

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