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Julianna Gomez, Viral Matapos Niyang Ipakilala Ang Kanyang Napaka Gwapong Boyfriend Na Talagang Usap-usapan Ngayon

Juliana Gomez and rumored boyfriend Miggy Bonnevie-Bautista went trending online after sharing several posts about their alone time on a beach getaway just recently.

Romance speculation started rising between the two after MIggy started posting photo of them together last February, and Juliana showers them with cryptic but sweet messages.\

photo of instagram

The two met during their fencing training.

Juliana’s father, Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez, is also the president Philippine Fencing Association (PFA) where Miggy is currently a member.

On Instagram, Miggy posted a time-lapse video of them together, basking in the sunset, playing with the waves.

On another post, Miggy shared three photos of them chilling in the sand, while being all cozy.

“Joe Gardner said live every minute of it so that’s what I’m gonna do.” he wrote in the caption.

And since the rumored couple are being all public about their relationship, people assume that the parents of 20 year old celebrity are in full support of their daughter’s love life.

photo of instagram

In an interview last June 2020, it can be remembered that Richard gave some advice to his only daughter about finding the right guy.

According to the actor turned politician, it is important that the man is not only intelligent, but also kind.

“But I always tell her, you really have to choose the person you want to marry, who’s going to make you happy.

“You choose somebody na you’re ready to wake up to every morning.” he said.

Added him, “This is what I always tell my friends who want to get married.

“I always tell them, ‘We have to make sure that we’re ready to wake up with this person every waking morning.’

“Hindi puwedeng love mo lang siya ngayon.

photo of instagram

“When you get married, that’s the face you will see the first thing, always.

“So, are you ready? Do you really love that person?

“That’s a good gauge.”
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