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Isang Sikat Na Aktres Viral Matapos Ipakita Ang Larawan Niyang Ito Na Talagang Hindi Inasahan Ng Lahat

Watch Starstruck alumna Stefany Marisa Prescot’s amazing fitness journey during the pandemic!

From a “whooping 202 pounds”, the former actress managed to loss 63 kilos in just a span of month.

Ever since she gave birth to her first baby in 2013, going back to fitness has been a big challenge for Stef. And when she welcomed her second child, things got more harder as she balances her time being a mom and a businesswoman.

But now, her almost 7-year-long dream of finally getting back to shape was finally made possible after some realizations made during lockdown.

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On her interview with, she talked about the life-changing incident she encountered.

“My fitness journey has always been an on and off thing. Since becoming a mom, my weight has been a struggle.”

She lost her footing and “shattered” her ankle and fibula or calf bone.

What really changed was when I broke my ankle last Feb 2020. I had to get surgery, and was bedridden for 2 months.”

And when she can finally start “walking again,” she couldn’t leave the house.

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“I was hit by a lockdown while in bed.

“It made me realize so many things about my health and how I take my body for granted so much. I made the decision to turn my life around.

“Sabi ko, once I start walking again, I’m dedicating my life and fitness to honoring God. Giving Him glory through my works.”

Through discipline and dedication, Stef’s improvement was as fast as she could even imagine.

And with the help of her husband JP Ya, who is a fitness buff/ nutritionist/ physical therapist, she had sets of exercises.

“My husband is my greatest supporter and inspiration. He is the one into fitness, and has taught me all I know.”

Stef will soon be able to achieve his weight goal.

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“To date, I have lost 61 lbs or around 28 kg. I’m looking to lose around 30 lbs more or 13 kg. This will put me at the healthiest weight for my height.”

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