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Isang Sikat Na Aktres Agaw Pansin Sa Publiko Dahil Sa Larawan Niyang Ito Na Kahit Buntis Na Ay Super Sexy Pa Din

After her revelation of third baby last March 2021, Hollywood star Gal Gadot flaunts her baby bump on her recent Instagram photo.

“Working… on two major projects,” the Wonder Woman star wrote in the caption with a winking emoji.

Meanwhile, back in December, the “Wonder Woman 3” movie was confirmed to be in the works.

n 2017, director Patty Jenkins revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Gal Gadot was five months pregnant during the shooting of the first “Wonder Woman” film.

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The actress and her Yaron Varsano have two kids together: 9-year-old Alma and three-year-old Maya.

In an interview with Baby Magazine UK, she talked about motherhood while being one of the most successful Hollywood actress of her time.

According to her, when she’s at home, she is just like an ordinary mom, especially to her eldest who already understands her mom’s huge influence.

“She thinks it’s cool but it’s not that great to her,” says Gadot. “I’m just ‘mum’. She doesn’t pay so much attention. Even when I’m talking to someone about Wonder Woman, she tries any which way she can to change the topic! But she has certainly learned that every woman is a wonder woman. She literally says that, which I love.”

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She also talked about her struggles as she discovered her pregnancy during the filming ensemble blockbuster Justice League alongside fellow superheroes Ben Affleck and Jason Momoa.

“I didn’t tell anyone because you just don’t broadcast it in the beginning,” she explains.

“But it became more apparent when I had such bad sickness, not just morning, but afternoon and evening too. I felt terrible. I was literally on set, shooting a scene and in my head the whole time I’m saying, ‘don’t vomit, don’t vomit. Just keep it in, please don’t vomit.’ How I didn’t throw up on the guys is a miracle, I was waiting for it to happen.”

photo of instagram

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