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Ellen Adarna, Ibinunyag Sa Publiko Ang Dahilan Bakit Si Derek Ramsay Ang Gusto Niyang Pakasalan

Don’t get us wrong, we’re excited for every engagement, wedding, and even pregnancy announcements by celebrities, but we all know this certain controversial relationship confirmed by Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay had us a little bit concerned.

The main issue, is not that Derek just got off a relationship around 2 months before she met Ellen, or the fact the the actress has always been vocal about being alone.

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They all got us a little bit caught off with their engagement announcement, exactly 2 months after their relationship!

And the fans can not help but to ask,”What were you sure about with Derek that you weren’t sure about with John Lloyd?”

In an interview with, Ellen explained how quick she was to agree about the upcoming nuptial despite of them being just basically strangers few months ago.

“First is the connection, [it] is the communication.

“He met me at the right time.

“He met me because during the pandemic, I fixed myself, I worked on myself. I did a lot of inner work,” she said.

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Added her, “So, at that time, I knew what I wanted na. I knew what was good for me. I knew what was bad for me.

“And then when I made better choices and for myself, that’s when things started to come in and everything made sense.”

It can be remembered calling that Ellen was already contented with being alone, but then Derek came.

“I didn’t have that desperate vibe of trying to look for love, of looking for a guy to complete me. I was already complete.

“And then when Derek came, he just made it better, more beautiful.

“So, timing si Derek talaga. That’s how our relationship works. We communicate well,”

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