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Jimuel Pacquiao, Ibinunyag Sa Publiko Ang Tunay Na Ugali Ng Magulang Niya Na Hindi Alam Ng Marami

Despite of growing up in such a well off family, vlogger and now celebrity kid Jimuel Pacquiao said that his parents never let him and his other siblings get spoiled in order not to develop greedy attitude.

After converting to Christianism, senator Pacquiao and his wife Jinkee always make sure to spend time with their kids as they read and interpret bible together.

They also tell their five kids, Jimulel, Michael, Princess, Queenie and Israel stories about how their parents started with basically nothing, before achieving everything that they have now.


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On his interview with TV 5 talk show Chika Besh, Jimuel told the hosts Pokwang, Pauleen Luna and Ria Atayde about their upbringing.

He said that between his parents, Manny is more of a laid back one compared to Jinkee.

“Actually siya pa yung laid back lang, relax lang siya. ‘Yung mom ko po yung grabe magalit,” Jimuel admitted.

Jimuel also talked more about the athlete turned politician as a father.


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“Actually siya po yung hindi talaga strict, yung strict napunta po sa mom ko, so siya po ‘yung laid back lang yung parang hinahayaan niya lang po kami. Pero ‘pag may nakikita na po siyang mali, pinagsasabihan niya lang kami,” Jimuel said.

Meanwhile, his mommy Jinkee is the much stricter one, given that the instinct of a mother is always terrific.

Also, Jimuel said he truly understand where his mom comes from because she just wants to make sure that all of her kids are safe.

“Yung mom ko po talaga ‘yung ano parang enforcer, siya po ‘yung kailangang magalit,” he shared.


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“She can be strict and she is also parang super loving, parang ramdam na ramdam na gusto niya maingat kami palagi, we’re always safe,”

“’Pag galit po siya, nagbi-Bisaya po siya sa’kin,” he continued.

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